Most famous steel structures in the world

Om Enterprises: Most famous steel structures in the world

When people think of metal, what usually comes to mind is construction materials and buildings. However, what most people don’t realize is that metal is also great for creating beautiful artworks and structures. 

What makes metal, iron or steel great for creating landmarks is that they’re malleable and sturdy at the same time. This means that even long after you’ve finished your artwork, it will still stand tall and stand the test of time.

Several artists and engineers have already thought about this which then gave birth to the creation of various structures that people know and love today. If you’re curious to find out more about them, we have compiled them here at Om Enterprises!

The Brooklyn Bridge – New York, U.S.A.

Your trip to New York City wouldn’t be complete without catching a glimpse of the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge. Aside from being a useful path for New Yorkers and tourists, it also serves as a tourist attraction itself. Standing at 272 ft tall, you’ll easily spot this metal structure from miles away. 

This is a great example of how using the right type of metal can last for several years as Brooklyn Bridge has been around for 100 years. 

Burj Khalifa – Dubai

One of the most luxurious structures in the whole world is made with about 31,400 metric tonnes of Steel rebars. Burj Khalifa stands tall in UAE with all of its 163 floors each of which exudes luxury thanks to its premium architecture and interior design.

This magnificent building was built back in 2009 and until today, it’s as beautiful as it was first revealed to the public. Millions of tourists visit this place every year to either get a chance to book a stay or just simply catch a glimpse of it.

Beijing National Stadium – Beijing, China

The Beijing National Museum in China is one of the largest steel structures/buildings in the world with over 42,000 tons of steel used to complete it. The 2008 Olympic games were held in this amazing piece of architecture where it accommodated a whopping amount of 80,000 people.

This stadium features a unique design that was made to look like a bird’s nest. It achieved this look by using huge metal beams that cross each other.

Empire State Building – U.S.A.

Visiting the concrete jungle wouldn’t be the same without visiting the city’s most famous building, the Empire State Building. In a sea of huge skyscrapers, this majestic structure easily stands out because of its iconic look as well as its history.

Being made in 1931, the world-famous building stands 443 metres tall and is equipped with 103 floors. Today, it’s still widely considered one of the most must-see attractions in New York and the U.S.A in general.

Eiffel Tower – Paris, France

You can’t have a list of metallic structures without including what’s considered the most famous one which is the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel tower is a tall structure in Paris, France flocked by tourists every year.

The Eiffel tower is over one hundred years old and it’s a living testament to how sturdy iron is. Ever since 1887, it has withstood the different weather conditions and time itself.

These are some of the most famous metallic structures in the world. We recommend you to see these amazing works of art in person because it perfectly shows how great metal is at creating beautiful yet sturdy structures.

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